Single Tooth Dental Implants

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Following the loss of a single tooth, many people think that (if it’s not visible when they smile) they don’t have to replace it. However, the cosmetic disadvantages aren’t the only negative impact that tooth loss can have on your smile. In addition to changing the appearance, tooth loss will also allow teeth to shift out of position, creating the need for orthodontic treatment. Teeth around the empty socket need to absorb extra pressure for the lost teeth, which can lead to excessive wear, damage, or further tooth loss. When you replace missing teeth, you preserve surrounding teeth and ensure the optimal level of oral health and function. Traditional tooth replacement options only restore the parts of the tooth visible when you smile, but dental implants replace the roots of teeth and the crowns. If you want to find out more about replacing missing teeth, Call Adirondack Periodontics in Plattsburgh, NY to schedule a tooth replacement consultation. Our skilled periodontist and team will walk you through every step of the dental implant tooth replacement process to deliver a healthy, functional smile that can last for a lifetime.

Dental Implant Placement

Illustration of implant supported crown

Implant supported tooth replacement is completed over the course of several different phases. There may be a need for preparatory tooth extraction or tissue grafts to deliver the greatest chances for successful dental implant placement. The implant placement process is relatively straightforward. We begin by numbing the treatment area. Then, we make an incision in the soft tissue and place the implant post into the jawbone.

Abutments & Dental Crown Design

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For about three to six months, the dental implants will fuse with the gum and bone tissue, recreating the natural root system. Once implants are fully anchored to your smile, you’ll return to our office where we attach abutment posts that anchor the dental crown restoration. Bite impressions are captured that will be used to design and craft your custom dental crown. We will attach a temporary dental crown while the lab creates your flawless restoration.

Placement of Dental Crown

Dentist showing patient implant crown model

Finally, when we receive the dental crown from our lab, you’ll return to the office, so we can remove the temporary and place a custom crafted, high quality dental crown. These restorations are made from the highest quality porcelain materials to ensure long-lasting, natural looking results. Once the implant retained dental crown is in position, you can care for your smile just like you would a healthy, natural tooth – brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit our office twice each year. When cared for thoroughly in our office and at home, your implant supported dental crown can last for two decades or longer. Many people are able to keep the same dental implant retained restoration for the rest of their lives.